The ONLY community designed by CustomerX Pros, for CustomerX Pros in:

Customer Success

Customer Experience

The Mission of the CustomerX Pros Community

The CustomerX Pros Community was created to:

  1. elevate the CustomerX professions (Customer Marketing, Customer Advocacy, Customer Experience, Customer Success, Customer References);
  2. by providing the guidance, support and inspiration that practitioners need to connect their work to the key growth priorities set by their C-level executives;
  3. to make CustomerX roles a career path to the C-Suite.

We recognize that to achieve this mission, we need to elevate the work of the people already working in this profession, and attract new, strategic-thinking people into it.

We do this through a variety of programs:

The CustomerXCon annual conference: CustomerXCon is the only conference designed by CustomerX Pros, for CustomerX Pros. What’s that mean? It means that the content, format and activities are designed by a team of Ambassadors made up of senior-level pracitioners, rather than dreamed up by an event producer.

The Group Therapy for Customer Marketers Series: Each month we pick a big, hairy challenge that every Customer Marketer deals with, and schedule a Group Therapy session in which 3 people who have taken on this challenge are a panel. Each panelist shares what they have done, what has worked, what has flopped, and what they’ve learned.

The CustomerX ExpertXchange Series: We host expert practitioners and thought leaders to discuss topics that challenge conventional thinking and help us prepare for what’s coming next.

The awesome CustomerX Online Community: Your online home for exchanging success strategies with like-minded people, accessing previous and upcoming events, chatting with community partners, and viewing valuable resources that will elevate your game.