Use Cases for Customer Voice

Use Cases

Once you see what SlapFive and the customer voice can do for your business, the toughest decision you’ll face is which problems should you tackle first.
We strongly suggest prioritizing 2 to 3 of the biggest pain points. Here are just a few examples of use cases for SlapFive. See what I mean?


Customer Journeys
  • Challenge: Your buyers want to know how people just like them have succeeded with your solution.
  • Ditch the classic case studies and replace them with digital customer journeys that showcase customers responding to the questions your buyers care about the most.
Website Lead Magnet
  • Challenge: You spend money to drive visitors to your site but not enough convert to leads.
  • Place customer stories on specific pages of your website to validate claims being made on that page.
Conversion Driver
  • Challenge: Marketing generates leads but not enough convert into sales opportunities.
  • Add authentic customer stories to lead nurturing programs to validate claims and earn trust.
Buyer's Guide
  • Challenge: Prospects are confused because they don’t know how to evaluate and compare solutions, or a competitor gets in first and sets the playing field.
  • Create a digital buyer’s guide in which customers talk about how they identified vendors to evaluate, and what critical criteria they used to narrow down their options and make a decision.
Differentiation Validator
  • Challenge: Its hard to stand out because all competitors make the same claims and sound alike.
  • Get buyers to place more weight on a true differentiator by having customers talk about why that attribute is so critical to their success and how you are better at it.


Objection Crusher
  • Challenge: Salespeople struggle to handle a frequent objection they get from buyers.
  • Customers talk about how they overcame the underlying issue or why it wasn’t an issue for them.
Urgency Creator
  • Challenge: Deals stall because it’s not a high enough priority for buyer or they don’t feel the pain.
  • Instill fear and create urgency by having customers describe the dire consequences if they hadn’t taken action.
Competitor Knockout
  • Challenge: A competitor disrupts deals by claiming they’re better, less expensive, easier to use, etc.
  • Customers talk about the incremental value you deliver over the competitor and why they chose you.
Buyer Journey
  • Challenge: Buyers go dark because they’re too busy to evaluate solutions or don’t know how to evaluate.
  • Have customers talk about what they did in the buying process, what decision criteria they used, who was involved, and how they did it while juggling their daily duties.
Sales Storytelling
  • Challenge: Your sales people need to be better able to tell stories about customer successes when talking to customers.
  • Generate a collection of stories by industry, role, geography, and company size and use these as part of your sales onboarding and training.
Sales Win-Wires
  • Challenge: You want all your sales reps to learn from the strategies your best reps use to differentiate your solutions and close deals, but you don’t want to interfere with their selling time.
  • Prompt sales reps to answer a couple questions on their phone right after they close a deal, and automatically generate a sales win-wire that can be shared with the whole company.

Customer Success

Adoption Accelerator
  • Challenge: Customers are renewal risks because they’re slow to adopt what they’ve purchased.
  • Show customers the benefits their fellow customers are experiencing by using your features and services.
Success Secrets
  • Challenge: You want to accelerate your customers’ path to successful usage and measurable results.
  • Capture the learnings and best practices from your most mature customers and share with those customers who are earlier on their journey.
Value Capture
  • Challenge: At renewal time, the customer and account manager may not remember all the value realized by the customer throughout the year to justify the renewal.
  • Capture value realization stories from your customers throughout the year, at critical success milestones, and present them back to the customer during renewal discussions.
  • Challenge: There’s tremendous untapped potential for expansion within your existing accounts but it’s hard to reach new users.
  • Have your customer champion share their success story with colleagues in other departments or business units.
Customer Feedback
  • Challenge: You want to keep your finger on the pulse of your customers to understand what they like and don’t like.
  • Gather input into product roadmaps, feedback on customer service, and ideas for improvement. Share genuine customer voice, full of emotion, with your executives and functional leaders.