SlapFive: what's in a name? 9 years ago

SlapFive: what’s in a name?

SlapFive is the ultimate expression of shared success.

Imagine this. You’re walking to the batter’s box, your team down by 2, runners at first and second. Here’s the pitch…you swing…long drive to deep centerfield… it’s gone. You round the bases, and as soon as you step on home plate, the two runners are there to slap you five. You go to the dugout, and the whole team is in line to give you slap fives.

There’s no better feeling than hitting one for the team. And there’s a reason it feels so good. It’s called oxytocin, one of our happy chemicals, and your body has just gotten a huge dose of it.

Slap fives are simple acts of physical contact that reinforce the bond you share with your teammates, and the commitment you have to work together to achieve a shared successful outcome…winning the game.

What if you were at the same ballpark with just one friend, who’s throwing you BP, and you use the same bat to hit the same ball over the same fence? It’s just not the same as when the home run helps your team win.

SlapFive is the ultimate expression of shared success. That’s why we picked it as the name for our company. Our mission is to help companies create shared success with their customers, and showcase that success to win more customers.

We envision a world where there are reasons for slap fives to happen in business just as much as they do in our personal lives. When you work together with others in your company towards a common goal…to make your customers successful.  And when your customers work together towards a common goal…to make each other successful, and in turn your company successful.

Try it.  Next time you and a colleague do something that results in a successful outcome for your customer, give that colleague a slap five, and let the oxytocin do its thing, making you both feel great. Just don’t be surprised when that customer gives you a slap five.

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