What are the SlapFive Moments in your Customer Journey? 3 years ago

What are the SlapFive Moments in your Customer Journey?

SlapFive Moments help you the Customer facing professional bring the voice of the customer to life at the right moments.

What is a SlapFive Moment you may be asking yourself.  

A SlapFive Moment is that one line or phrase your customer shares with you during a one on one meeting or business review.  Its that happy quote but straight from the literal voice of the customer.

There are various touchpoints in the customer journey where you, the customer facing professional most likely sitting in a Customer Success role, get excited about. 

Wrapping in Customer Success throughout the whole customer lifecycle is vital in the long term success and advocacy from that client. 

Interest and Purchase

Lets start with Interest and Purchase.  The sales person at this time in the customer journey is closest to the customer.  Partner with sales to capture the customers first SlapFive Moment with extracting the QFD (Questions, Fears, and Doubts) the customer had during the buying process.  Understand if they were influenced by another customer’s experience and if so what part of their experience.  Have the sales rep record themselves in a self service SlapFive remote capture to share the big win for the new deal.  This would be an internal SlapFive Moment.

Implementation and Onboarding

Next would be Implementation and Onboarding.  The honeymoon phase when the customer is typically the most excited about launching a new product and solving the original problem or need for the purchase. 

Expansion and Renewal

Expansion and Renewal is where the gold is.  That is where your customer is happiest all over again just like at purchase.  These customers are engaged and empowered. They are using your tool, seeing great results with saving time or being more efficient and their voice is shared internally to expand within their own company using your product.  

Renewals just don’t happen.  There needs to be a need and a use case for the product and a feeling that they can just not live without your solution.  In the case of SlapFive our expansion and renewal moments are other departments outside of Customer Marketing using the tool to capture remote customer voice.  When an organization is all in with their customer engagement, request management, influence reporting, and customer content all powered, managed, and delivered by the SlapFive RockStar.  They are delivering value to the executive team, tying initiatives to their go to marketing strategies and their customers love them. They are a true RockStar. That moment is gold in my opinion after your customer delivers their internal quarterly review and gets rave reviews, or presented at an all hands meeting. Empowering your customers, capturing that moment along their journey with you and expanding on it.

What about you?

What SlapFive Moments do you capture? Where could there be more opportunities along the customer journey for you to capture that happy quote and literal voice of your customer?  Let me know in the comments below.

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